Your Calls Are Going Directly to Voicemail

If your incoming calls are going straight to voicemail try the following:

  • Check that your Do Not Disturb feature is not active by pressing *79 on your phone to disable it
  • Make sure your phone is plugged into the phone adapter’s phone 1 port Phone Adapter Port 1
    Cisco SPA122 phone adapterPhone Port 1
    Phone Adapter Port 1
    LinksysSPA2102 phone adapterPhone Port 1

  • Check to make sure your phone adapter is powered on and the phone 1 light is on
    Phone Adapter Phone Light
    Cisco SPA122 Phone 1 lightLinksys SPA2102 Phone light 1

    Make sure your Internet connection is working.
    If the phone light is not on:
    • Turn your Internet modem, phone adapter, and any other network device off
    • Wait 2 – 3 minutes
    • Turn on your devices, starting with your phone adapter first

  • If you have multiple routers or other networking equipment, try plugging your phone adapter directly into the Internet modem. If this solves the sound issue, you might have a problem with one of the other pieces of equipment. Gradually add the equipment back into your setup until you’ve identified the one that’s causing the problem

  • Reboot your phone adapter by:
    1. Pick up a phone that is connected to the phone adapter
    2. Dial:* * * * (star 4 times) even if there isn’t a dial tone
    3. Dial REBOOT# (732668#) and hang up

  • If this still does not resolve your issue reboot your DSL modem

If none of these solutions solve the problem, contact technical support at 1-855-835-6381 or