Moving Your Phone Service to Your New Home

These instructions apply to moving our regular home phone services in Oshawa and the downtown Toronto Core. If you are moving a digital phone service, please refer to the Moving Internet and Digital Phone Services page.

If you subscribe to one of our home phone services in Oshawa or the Toronto downtown core and are moving out of this area, you can switch to a digital home phone service with the same quality and all the features you currently have.

Before the Move

A few weeks before your move call 1-855-835-6381 to arrange for the transfer of your service.

When you call, have the following handy:

A Telnet representative will walk you through the moving process, and will let you know if a technician visit will be necessary at your new home.

Usually no technician visit is required and your service will simply be activated on the day of your move.

On Move Day

Make sure you pack up all of your phones and Telnet equipment, power cords, etc. in a clearly labeled and easy to get to container so you can unpack and have your phone service up and running quickly.

No Technician Visit Required

If no technician visit is required:

Technician Visit Required

If a technician visit is required on the day of your move:


Your billing will continue uninterrupted.

An activation fee of $50.00 for residential phone lines and $60.00 for business lines will be added to your account.