Set up your Email on a Blackberry with OS 6 or 7

These instructions apply to any
Telnet Email Domains

Server Settings Server/Host Name Port
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) 993 (Preferred) Yes
143 No
Incoming Mail Server (POP) 995 (Preferred) Yes
110 No
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) 465 (Preferred) Yes
25 or 587 No

Your BlackBerry screens and options may look different than we show here.

  1. Select the Setup button on the home screen of your BlackBerry.
    blackberry setup screenshot

  2. Select Email Accounts.
    blackberry email accounts screenshot

  3. Select Internet Mail Account.
    blackberry internet mail screenshot

  4. Select Other.
    blackberry other screenshot

  5. On the Email Setup screen fill in your email address and password and tap Next.
    Blackberry email setup screenshot
    Your BlackBerry will try to setup your email account. If it succeeds you will receive an email telling you the setup was successful.

  6. If the account doesn’t set up select OK on the message, and scroll down and re-enter your email address and password.
    Blackberry email setup screenshot

  7. Select I will provide the settings and tap Next.

  8. If the settings can’t be found tap Advanced at the bottom of the screen.
    Blackberry advanced screenshot

  9. Scroll down and select email type IMAP or POP.

    Choose IMAP If…
    • you want to access your email from multiple devices
    • your local storage space is limited
    • you are worried about backing up

    Choose POP If…
    • you want to access your mail only from your Blackberry
    • you need constant access to your email, regardless of internet availability
    • your server storage space is limited

    If you aren’t sure which to use choose IMAP.

  10. Enter the following information.

    Email server:
    User name: your email address
    Blackberry provide email settings screenshot

  11. Tap Next.

  12. If you still can’t send or receive email, call 1-855-835-6381.